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The Speaker & Facilitator, SARALA SHIVAKUMAR
Amongst many roles that she portrays, in her everyday life, Sarala is known as someone who is born with compassion in her heart and is truly connected with people of all age groups. A people’s person, She was always tilted towards spirituality from the tender age of five. Thanks to her maternal Grandmother, a musician by profession, who played the Veena effortlessly all her life and also even after losing her vision towards the end of her life, she taught students with lot of passion. The spiritual foundation was thus laid by her grandmother who held her hand and nurtured her to sing hymns and songs and shlokas and kirtans and Bhajans in praise of the divine and the universe.
At age 16, when every young teenage girl dreamt of having a fun filled life – Sarala became a “guru” to hundreds of young children , while serving a spiritual organisation in Delhi.Those days when owning even a normal landline was a big deal, she would walk hours together, knocking on people’s doors, inviting young children to attend her Sunday classes where moral education and values and bhajans and mantras stories from hindu mythology were taught by her to the tiny kids. She enjoyed sharing the knowledge with everyone.The parents were more than happy to see their children learn something very meaningful and different from what they learnt in schools.
A graduate in Commerce from the Delhi University (1984) and having worked in the corporate world for over three dacades in various capacities, including sales and marketing, trainer, Visa and Immigration officer, German technical translator for wipro, very successfully now finally feel that the calling has come to devote more time and focus on learning and imparting knowledge about higher intelligence and information and consciousness and awareness.
A seeker in life, she believes in giving her very best or nothing.Her office colleague named her “Mother Teresa “for the kindness and compassion she spreads. Sarala recognised the unique gift she has been bestowed by the universe , is now pursuing her spiritual goals and is working in the area of showing the path of happiness to humanity, to enable people from moving from darkness to light.
Nothing is a co-incidence in life ! Every person we meet, every event which happens is a stepping stone which ultimately leads us to our ultimate destination. So too, Sarala during one of her training sessions at a corporate event , met her Mentor mystically, who invited her to attend a five day training programmer scheduled to be held in Hyderabad, and Sarala wasted no time in booking her flight to Hyderabad , to learn the Secret, which is the Law of Attraction . Life had to be transformed thereafter ! There was no looking back . Indeed it was one of the best decisions and most significant moment in her life…
Today, She is a Master Certified Trainer in the Law of Attraction (Advanced Level) conducts programmes, open public workshops and teaches home makers to entrepreneurs, executives to Directors of Companies, does one on one counselling with the pure motive of creating a positive impact in people’s lives . Her joy lies in seeing ordinary lives transforming into extra ordinary human beings., capable of creating a life they desire to live .
Her heart is always radiating with joy and believes strongly in women empowerment . Sarala dreams of spreading the knowledge of Law of Attraction not only in India but to be able to spread at international level soon.
A fitness conscious person,practises yoga since 2005. She enjoys singing bollywood songs and is a part of a music academy in Gurgaon and performs in social gatherings.
A practising Buddhist , since 2009, devotes lot of time in chanting and studying the philosophy of Buddha ,the Lotus Sutra and applies in her daily life to ensure she is in a high life state mostly !!
Sarala’s thoughts are inspired by Mother Teresa, Lady Diana, Margaret Thatcher , Martin Luther King Junior , Louise Hay, Rhonda Byrne, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hanh, Osho ,Yogananda to name a few..
She currently works as a consultant HR /Admin and trains sales executives for an Asian sports company in India. Sarala lives in Gurgaon, Haryana, with her husband and two teenage children.
An ordinary person with an extra ordinary seeking spirit, a daughter, a sister, a wife , a mother , a friend , a businesswoman, A spiritual soul , slowly yet steadily walking the pure path of spirituality disovering and experiencing truths that are clamouring to be released and shared with fellow human beings. She knows no other way than to lead by example. ….

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Feeling very enlightened and Focussed

Mini Dave
Ex Banker, Currently Teaching

Feeling positive and motivated

Seema Baluja

Would strongly recommend my friends to attend this workshop , Training should be completed in two days instead of one day !!

Amit Aggarwal

Feel relaxed, guided and Thankful. Chakra meditation and goal setting  excercises were best. Excellent programme.  However, we should have budget time for more excercises and activities.

Hardeep Singh
Trainer, Learning & Development

It was a perfect workshop. I have learned to respect everything around me and to show gratitude for whatever I am receiving in life.

Tarun Khandari
Chartered Accountant

It was an eye opener for me  about how to use my energy in a positive way, and enjoy life to its fullest, lead a better life, and help other human beings live better life in  society.

Gaurav Chhiba

I really liked Alpha meditation, goal setting and Gratitude practise a lot. Excellent training programme.

Sana Tiwana

Thank you Sarala for conducting this workshop. It was excellent Please continue doing this..

Yashwant Birla

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Very informative and interactive ! Good job

Sangeeta Goyal
Image Consultant

Well, I want to attend the workshop again

Ashok Kumar Jain
Retired Supreme Court Lawyer

The Law of Attraction workshop was too good. Will be back again and again and refer more people to attend  the workshop.

Bindiya Marwah
Tarot Card Reader

The training was excellent. Alpha Brain Level  meditation and 68 seconds of pure thought was very interesting .

Vinita Ranghera

All topics we learnt were relevant

Pam Mehra

Enjoyed the topic of writing the Magic Cheque.  I want to learn more from you, and help many more people to learn the secret

Shikha Verma
Self Employed

Feeling refreshed, alive and positive. More time needed for activities.  Learn importance of Gratitiude, positive words n thoughts and  Manifestation process .

Snigdha Varmani

All the topics  taught were interesting, training programme was excellent

Naveen Kumar Goel
Financial Advisor

On the whole training programme was excellent. Enjoyed the topic ” 68 seconds of Pure Thought”

Sunny Jaiswal

Presentation, content , teaching  Methodology was excellent.  Seating arrangement can be  reconsidered !

Ekta Narula
Business Woman

Enjoyed your positive energy through the entire session. A lot was packaged in one day . Very productive, can understand myself better. Best topics were ,” GRATITUTE” AND “FORGIVENESS “ Thank you !!

Meeta Jain
Consumer Research

Awesome ! Loved every bit of it !

Inderpreet kaur

Programme was effective. Sarala’s  sharing from her own personal  life makes it real and provided me the inspiration. Inclusion of more videos will make it even better.

Parag Mehra

Sarala, let me begin by thanking you, for inviting us to this special workshop. In life  we know a lot of things, but reinforcement is important. Effective workshop

Saloni Sood Mehra

This workshop needs two days , as lot of information was given. Need more time to learn about application and practise

Malini Vasudeva

The Law of Attraction workshop was super excellent

Chandan Saharan
Private Service